01.05.19 Update


Just a quick blog post here to get all my thoughts down and give everyone an idea of what’s to come on my site here and over on social media. I’ve already done it on Twitter but I’ll be changing the name back to “JSchift”. The name Schifted Design was good for the time and helped me get everything organized. Now that I have a site that I’m happy with and social media to follow I took time to think it over and going back to JSchift will allow me to focus on more than design work. I have other ideas that I’d like to get started soon that do not involve graphic design. More to come on that stuff.

As for graphic design work it’s been pretty slow but that’s expected for me during the holidays. It get’s pretty busy both during the week and on weekends with friends, family, and many other things that need to get done. Now that I’ve had time to re-adjust back to a normal schedule it feels good to be back on the keys making some wallpapers and client work.

Speaking of Wallpapers I’ve started up the Black Ops 4 Specialist Series. The Specialist Series will be a collection of Wallpapers featuring all of the Specialists in Black Ops 4 such as Ajax, Recon, Ruin, Firebreak, etc. The first wallpaper in the series features Ajax the specialist with the most overpowered equipment in the game and the shield that can scare away enemies. The wallpaper can be found on my site here and is available for PC and Mobile. Who will be the next specialist? You’ll have to wait and find out or follow me on Twitter to get a few hints.

As for client work I have a few projects right now but If you are looking for Graphics for your Live Stream, YouTube, Social Media, or need and advertisement for any reason you can contact me via email john@schifted.com or send me a message on any social media platform. To see my previous work you can look around my website for recent work or take a look at my portfolio on Behance for more work.

Keyboard on Console?


Turn on your PS4, get a cold drink, snack, and plug in your keyboard…?

To some die hard console fans this is a sin because it gives players an unfair advantage over others. Is it the hardware, player, or game that gives that advantage? Maybe it’s something else entirely but it’s undeniable that as technology grows we are seeing more games offer cross platform play and even if they don’t people are bringing their preferred way to play to their favorite gaming platform.

A majority of players on PC play with a Keyboard & Mouse. This gives the player more control over their actions in game by mapping actions to keys of their choice.  By using a mouse they can be accurate and quick with a simple flick of the wrist. There are some people that use a controller on PC but with a controller they are not able to preform actions in game as fast as a keyboard player.  How about on console? Controller users on console have one major benefit which is increased auto aim. This allows controller players to be more accurate as it guides your reticle to your desired target. This benefit has been perceived as a handicap for players using controllers but even with the auto aim players using controllers can not keep up with players using Keyboard & Mouse. Add auto aim to a Keyboard & Mouse player when they play on console and they become deadly.

Is this unfair? Should Keyboard & Mouse players be allowed to play on console? There is no right or wrong answer really. Maybe it is unfair to controller players that they cannot outperform a Keyboard & Mouse player on the console their controller was designed for. Regardless you will always have players using their preferred hardware of choice on whichever system they play on. Playstation and Microsoft can’t stop Keyboard & Mouse players on console in fact they sell products that allow it. If Playstation and Microsoft want to take some action the best they can do is let players know what hardware other players are using and allow players to filter based on hardware. If they can’t make developers create an in game filter it would at least be a step forward allowing players to see what other players are using. Put the power in the players hands so they can choose how and who they want to play.

What do you think? Should keyboard and mouse players be allowed on console? What should be done? And what do you use when you play? Let me know in the comments below or share your thoughts on social media by tagging @SchiftedDesign

Wallpaper Weekend Changes!


Wallpapers, Wallpapers, and Wallpapers. Wallpaper Weekend is an ongoing series I’ve posted on Twitter and Facebook giving everyone the chance to vote for their favorite video game in a poll and the winner of the poll gets a nice themed wallpaper for everyone to download. Changes are being made to Wallpaper Weekends that will make it even better for everyone to get their hands on a fresh wallpaper.

  1. Wallpaper Weekend will be exclusively on Twitter. The poll system on Twitter is a lot easier and gives me more than 2 options. Don’t worry an exclusive series is coming to Facebook this week so watch out for that.
  2. Twitter poll runs Friday – Sunday. This gives everyone more time to vote as well. The wallpaper will be posted on the following day.
  3. If the poll reaches 100 votes it will be sold on my DBH store! Phone Case, Print, etc.

This Friday will be the first poll back! Make sure to follow Twitter @SchiftedDesign to cast your vote this Friday and leave a comment below or tag @SchiftedDesign on social media with your wallpaper suggestions.