CBISCUITSX Livestream Design


CBISCUITSX streams League of Legends on Twitch and is working her way back into the streaming world. When she’s not streaming you can catch her on Twitter and Facebook or check out her Twitch channel to meet other streamers that she is hosting on her channel.


After discussing possible color combinations it came down to Turquoise, Pink, and Grey with a slight hint of Turquoise. I wanted these colors to blend together and not jump right out at you like the typical bright pink or blue/green. For the font I wanted to go with a brush font that worked well with minimum space between letters to grab the viewers attention for the initial look and then let the background take control right after.




When I first started thinking of ideas for the overall look of the stream package the first thing that came to mind when I saw that soft pink color was Cherry Blossoms. Using the pink with the turquoise and a bit of purple it all mixed together to create a beautiful background. I incorporated the cherry blossoms along with other pictures of nature to bring it all together.



The color scheme and fonts carried over into the camera overlay, lobby overlay, and panels to created a nice unified look across all social medias. Thank you for taking your time to look at this Livestream breakdown and I also want to give another shout to CBISCUITSX who you can find on Twitter or Twitch. If you want to see more of my design work you can follow me on TwitterFacebook, or even Instagram.

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