FleaOrDie Livestream Design

Using the logo designed by Alter Ego Branding I created a livestream package including Social Media Banner, Profile Picture, Overlay, Stream Screens, Stream Bio Panel, and other smaller panels.


I used the colors from his logo for the overall design to help blend together his stream and his social media. This helps his viewers and followers feel more comfortable with his content regardless of whether it’s from Mixer or Twitter they will know his brand when they see it.


I tried out various styles for the social media banner and profile picture but a simple striped banner with the corresponding colors puts an emphasis on the logo and not on the background.



FleaOrDie uses a green screen when he streams on Mixer so he did not need a camera box or a complicated overlay taking up most of the screen. This small compact overlay allows him to move it around his screen to wherever he wants so it is not in the way of information in game that the viewer might want to see. The text boxes display his most recent follower and last donation which can be changed easily at anytime.



Following the design of the Overlay I created the Panels and Stream Screens to look similar with the same colors, font, and shapes but still unique in their own way. If you want to catch FleaOrDies’s streams you can catch him on Mixer or if you want to see when he is going to stream next follow him on Twitter.

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